Natural Kashmir Pashmina Stole in Loose Weave

Pure Pashmina | Natural
Pure natural undyed loose weave pashmina stole. It is exceptionally light, soft and warm and gives a luxurious feeling against the skin.

Know your Pashmina
* What makes the Pashmina from Kashmir superior is not only the fineness of the individual pashm fibres, which are as thin as 12 micron as compared to premium merino wool fibre being 23 micron thick and the human hair up to 200 micron, but also a special lustre the fibre has.
* It is difficult to make fringes in pure Pashmina because of the delicate nature of the pashm fibre. Fringes are possible only in blended fabrics.
* Handwoven pure pashmina has a distinctive, irregular weave due to the hand loom when seen through the back-lit stole.

Fabric: Pure Pashmina with loose weave from Kashmir
Color: Natural
Dimensions: 84" X 31"

Tips for caring:
*Dry clean only
*Pashmina is sensitive to moisture, sunlight and leakages. Pack it in a dry tissue before storing in a closet, away from dampness and heat.
*Clean all stains before storing since stains can get oxidized and fixed, making your pashmina vulnerable to moths.
*Do not over use your pashmina, best is allow two or three days rest before wearing it again.
*Avoid wearing your pashmina against a harsh fabric, metal accessories or leather products